The 20 Best College Campuses In The US

For most students, the college experience is not limited to their time in the classroom. Much of what a school has to offer can be found on its campus – from great libraries to standout career services to, simply, beautiful surroundings.

Our list does include half of the Ivy League schools and three of the five Claremont Colleges, including our top ranked school – Claremont McKenna College. Although Claremont McKenna didn’t rank as #1 or #2 in any category, it placed high in several, includingBest Quality of Life,Best Career Services, andGreat Financial Aid.

Stanford may be known to some as “The Farm,” but its 8,000+ acre campus – planned by Fredrick Law Olmstead – more closely recalls California’s distinct Mission Revival architecture.

Pomona’s 140-acre campus also recalls theMission Revival Style that designates much California architecture.

The Claremont Colleges member got recognition for its dorms, the largest of which has a sundeck for students to take advantage of their SoCal surroundings.

Kansas State is the number one employer in its hometown of Manhattan, Kansas, which may explain its number two spot on the Town-Gown Relations are Great list.

The city also hosts an area known as “Aggieville,” which is filled with college bars and stores.

Sweet Briar’s 3,250-acre Virginia campus may seem a bit large for its just over 700 students, but the women’s college is well known for its architecturalbeauty.

Its Italian Ville style Sweet Briar House is home to the school’s president and is on theNational Register of Historic Places, as are 21 of the school’s 30 academic buildings.

Aside from training the future leaders of America’s armed forces, the United States Military Academy – better known as West Point – also takes good care of its cadets, and was ranked number two onBest Health Services.