GBTA Announces Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone as Featured Speaker at 2014 GBTA Convention

Biz Stone has been named Nerd of the Year by GQ, one of the TIME magazine’s Most Influential People, Entrepreneur of the Decade by Inc. Magazine, one of Vanity Fair’s Top Ten Most Influential People of the Information Age. He was honored with the International Center for Journalists’ Innovation Award. Stone is best known for developing collaborative systems freely accessed by hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

As a progenitor of early social media, Biz became an Internet entrepreneur working at Xanga and Google before co-inventing and co-founding Twitter. After stepping away from his day-to-day role at Twitter Inc., Biz helped incubate Medium, a new, web-based publishing platform. In April of 2013, Biz announced he will serve as the co-founder and CEO of his latest startup, Jelly, a mobile application.

An adamant believer that when we help others, we also help ourselves, Stone supports a new way of doing business with a higher level of ambition, and a better, more altruistic way to measure success. Beyond immediate needs, Stone advocates selflessness; insisting we follow this path in order to deliver deeper meaning in our work.

Along with his wife, Livia, Stone was named a Huffington Post Game Changer for their work and impact in the field of public service. The couple founded the Livia and Biz Stone Foundation dedicated to supporting a variety of causes including education, public health, environmentalism, and animal welfare. The foundation works closely with the non-profit organizations the National Advisory Council for Donors Choose, PRBO Conservation Science and Farm Sanctuary.

SOURCE Global Business Travel Association