BioBased PG, Inc. Begins Selling BioBased Propylene Glycol to Mainstream

BioBased PG (petroleum glycol) is now available to the general public thanks to an organic chemist in Texas and a Flavorist in Florida. Carrollwood, TX based B&B Laboratories, Inc. has partnered with Flavor Laboratories from Tampa, FL to create BioBased PG Inc. Bio-based PG is petroleum glycol that comes from plants and not from the by-product of the petroleum and gas industries. Biobased PG was invented in the United States but not been readily available commercially to medium sized and smaller markets.

“Working with an associate in Florida (Flavor Laboratories’ Senior Flavorist, Deborah Dolen) who also uses drums of PG, we grew frustrated as to why we could not buy small amounts of bio-based propylene glycol. After some testing we determined we did not want to use petroleum derived propylene glycol that was made overseas anymore. We partnered together to buy a tanker of bio-based PG and started Bio-Based PG, Inc.,” explained Daniel Q. Nguyen, head chemist at Carrollwood, Texas based B&B Labs, Inc. “Our goal is to distribute to companies who need large and small quantities of PG. The price is competitive with petrol based PG, so transitioning has been very easy for us.”

Manufacturers using bio based PG are permitted to label their product “Bio-based” under the United States Department of Agriculture Bio-based labeling proposal which stems from the 2002 Farm Bill. Deborah Dolen, Senior Flavorist at Tampa, FL based Flavor Laboratories Inc. explains why PG cannot be labeled as “natural”, “There is one molecular change when creating either type of propylene glycol that prevents it from ever being called natural.

Bio based propylene glycol is also USP (pharmaceutical grade), kosher certified, and generally made in the United States. “We find it to be no different than the petrol based PG we used formerly” stated Nguyen. Propylene glycol is used in every area of our life because it is naturally antimicrobial and does not expire. Propylene glycol is used in food, and is generally recognized as safe by FDA (also known as “GRAS” status). Some common uses for PG include: used in livestock feed for farming, in cosmetics and body care, and as compounding for flavor companies.