Flavor Laboratories Begins Distribution of Plant Based Propylene Glycol PG

Generally recognized as safe by the FDA for food purposes, plant based PG is commonly made in the U.S. and sourced from plants not petrol. “It’s was a no-brainer for me” says Deborah Dolen, Senior Flavorist and President of Flavor Laboratories, Inc., and bestselling author of some 29 DIY type books – most to do with making natural products. “I deal with drums of PG and it is great to know I can use a plant based solvent from here on out, that is most likely made in the United States and not from an oil well overseas.”

The new plant based propylene glycol is also USP (pharmaceutical) grade and kosher. “It perplexed me for a few years as to why no one was offering it for sale shortly after it was invented here in the states” Dolen stated. “I got a few samples of it and fell in love.” Dolen partnered with Texas based B&B Labs, LLC to buy a tanker of plant based propylene glycol for their own respective uses as well as for sale to the general public. We sell it as small as a gallon and as big as a tankerful.” Says Dolen.

This partnership created Bio-Based PG, Inc. “I think the main question I get is price. I can attest that bio-based PG is no more expensive than petrol based PG” Dolen added. “Manufacturers of products can label their product ‘Bio-based’ under a new proposal created by the Department of Agriculture that encourages use of bio based materials.” Petroleum glycol cannot be referred to as “natural” due to the one molecule change that occurs.