Aftermarket Speedometer Line Expanded by Car Gauge Manufacturer, Speedhut

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) July 02, 2014

Speedhut continually strives to stay ahead of the competition with innovative design and solid engineering, all while manufacturing their speedometers in the USA at their own facility. Their engineering team and production team work closely together to ensure quality throughout the entire manufacturing process.As a result of their speedometer development and production being done at the same location, they have the ability to quickly meet their customers’ needs with a price much lower than their competition. In addition to direct-to-consumer sales, they also manufacture for many OEMs all over the world.

GPS Speedometer:

Speedhut’s GPS Speedometers do not require any transmission sensor and instead rely on GPS satellites to indicate the speed. Installation is easy and only requires 12 volts power and ground. No speed sensor or calibration needed! Plug into power and the GPS antenna and go!

GPS Speedometer features:

Speedhut’s GPS Speedometers are work in all types of applications – from farm equipment to Bonneville Salt Flats racers.

Electronic Speedometers:

Electronic Speedometer (Programmable) – Easily program the Speedometer to the exact the number of pulses per mile of the vehicle’s speed sensor. It will work with any electronic speed sensor. Once calibrated, the Speedometer is extremely accurate, no matter the gear ratios or tire sizes.

Speedometer Features:

Speedometer speed sensors are also available.

CAN-BUS Speedometers:

The CAN-bus Speedometer wires directly into the OBDII diagnostic connector. This speedometer uses the vehicle’s ECU using the CAN (SAE J1979) protocol.

CAN-Bus Speedometer Features:

Works with 2008 and newer vehicles and is compatible with select older vehicles. CAN-bus wire harness with ODB2 connecter sold separately.

Ford GT Speedometer:

CJ Jeep Speedometer Cluster:

This water-resistant gauge has an anti-fog window and a wire seal on the back.

CJ GPS Speedometer Cluster Features Include:

The CJ Jeep Speedometer Cluster is extremely versatile and it can easily be used in other (non-CJ Jeep) vehicle applications.