Education advocate Malala Yousafzai makes first trip to Africa

The 16-year-old spent several days speaking with girls from rural Kenyan communities about their passionate desire to go to school and the many obstacles they encounter, including discrimination, poverty, child labor and early marriage.

On her visit, Malala also took up a shovel, mixed cement and laid bricks to help build Free The Children’s Oleleshwa All-Girls’ Secondary School, in rural South Narok, where the majority of girls do not attend high school.

Free The Children’s innovative holistic development model, Adopt a Village, eliminates all barriers to education by providing schools, clean water projects, support for health care, agriculture and food security, and local small businesses, many run by women.

“We are so grateful to work together to build a school,” said Kielburger. “After the horrific kidnapping of the Nigerian girls, we are inspired by Malala’s compassion and leadership in ensuring education for girls on the African continent.”

SOURCE Free The Children