SAN FRANCISCO, July 3, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Chefs Feed, the leading food-related network and mission-driven media platform, is launching a new video series focused on sharing stories about chefs that have persevered through odds and obstacles to find success. The Chefs Feed video channel, launched less than one year ago, has already been named an honoree by the Webby Awards and has, in the past, featured videos starring food industry professionals like chef Matty Matheson, chef Zakary Pelaccio, and chefs Nicole Krasinski and Stuart Brioza.

The new video series, in partnership with Stonestreet is inspired from a shared philosophy that celebrates artisan craftsmanship and the personal experiences that inspire great achievement. Each video captures a rare glimpse into the personal journeys chefs have gone through both in and out of the kitchen. The first video features Seattle chef Lisa Nakamura, who discusses the challenges chefs face making relationships work due to the demands of the job: long hours, working weekends, nights, and holidays, and never calling in sick.

“A big reason I decided to take part in this video series was to remove some of the varnish that has been painted over our profession. I think it’s important to see the human being wearing the chef jacket, to hear about their success as well as their failures,” says chef Nakamura. “When I can see the whole person, it puts things into perspective, and helps me find my courage. It’s so easy to be intimidated by a carefully-crafted Tweet or post, and I know I start doubting myself when I try to measure my ‘success’ by someone else’s yardstick. By sharing my personal story, I hope young cooks will realize that everyone struggles, and that ‘success’ is a constantly-moving target. And that’s okay.”

“Chefs Feed’s mission to tell personal stories of perseverance perfectly aligns with the heart of Stonestreet’s mountain winegrowing story,” says Stonestreet winemaster Graham Weerts. “Wines are great translators of their site. Our wines are grown on a mountain estate above the flatlands, where the range of elevations, soils and climates create a challenging environment for farming. It’s a difficult place to grow grapes, but from these conditions we’re able to make distinctive wines that convey a profound character unique to this mountain. From the struggle comes something of great beauty.”

The video series comes after Chefs Feed’s recent nod as an honoree by the Webby Awards for both its video channel on YouTube and its chef documentary series “Roots.” Chefs Feed has also recently launched two other new video series: “Chefs Read Bad Reviews,” featuring chefs from all over the country reading their worst online reviews and responding to them and “The Week in Stupid Food News,” a humorous weekly recap of food news hosted by chef Richie Nakano.

Chefs Feed, headquartered in San Francisco, is a food industry network and mission-driven media platform, with authoritative and original perspectives on food and urban lifestyle, award-winning consumer products, and publishing technologies serving the food and restaurant industry. As the first offering from parent company Credible, Inc., Chefs Feed was born to create a dialogue between the world’s best chefs and tastemakers, and growing, mobile-savvy audiences – a new kind of eater exhausted with bored consensus, underserved by traditional media, and desperate for authenticity, relevance, and trust. For the consumer, Chefs Feed is the ultimate resource for where to eat and what to order. For the chef or restaurateur, the platform is a highly effective marketing tool to directly communicate with a captive, loyal audience.

Founded in 1989 by the Jackson family, Stonestreet handcrafts mountain-grown wines from a collection of single vineyards standing on the family’s prized mountain estate towering above Sonoma County’s Alexander Valley. Stretching across 5,200 acres with only 900 acres planted to vine Stonestreet Estate’s vineyards are among the most dramatic vineyard properties found anywhere in the world. This unique property produces distinctive wines that speak to the noble quest of mountain winegrowing. The diversity of Stonestreet Estate is endless – the varying soil types, elevations, facings, flora and fauna inform and shape the different aromas and unmistakable complexity in the final wines.