“Mississippi Man” Performing At Heirloom Market & Caf July 12

With a deep baritone voice, Bettcher plays the guitar and writes songs that spotlight life on and around the Mississippi River, which was part of his childhood while growing up near Dubuque, Iowa.

Bettcher sings throughout Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois and has performed on riverboats and in casinos.

His latest CD is “Wild & Restless,” which he recorded with Tate Music Group in Mustang, Oklahoma. It was his first recording several years ago, however, that gave him his nickname. The name of the inaugural recording was “Mississippi Man,” and people enjoyed hearing it on the radio so much that they shouted when they saw him, “There’s theMississippi Man!”

The “Mississippi Man” song even was featured as background music on a BBC travel program.

Also on July 12, the Heirloom Farmers’ Market will take place on site, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Heirloom Farmers’ Market is held every Saturday through October.

The Heirloom Market and Caf sells everything from homemade crafts, to unique kids’ toys, to grass-fed beef, and the old-town bistro-style restaurant features grilled paninis, soups, gourmet coffee, fresh-baked desserts and ice cream, along with indoor and outdoor seating.