Drone Research, Inc. Kicks Off Fundraiser To Help Kids with Disabilities…….

Drone Research, Inc., a newly formed nonprofit, has launched a very exciting campaign to help kids with disabilities, farmers and more. “The fundraiser was kicked off on indiegogo and is the first of its kind,” says CEO, Ashley Krutko. “We are not asking for a lot, we are just hoping many will donate $5 or more to help us help others.” Drone Research, Inc. has had several companies come forth and donate some much needed equipment. You can see the list of equipment donated and sponsors so far on their website droneresearch.org.

“We can make a huge difference with the funds,” says Ashley Krutko. “Not only will we make a difference in the life of kids with disabilities, but also for farmers and environmental nonprofits as well as search and rescue.” Drone Research Inc.’s campaign is trying to raise $5,000.00 which will help many people in many ways. “We know times are tough,” says William Roe, Vice President of Drone Research, Inc. “We are asking everyone to donate $5 if he or she can and this will make it possible for us to reach our goal quickly and start helping many people in the next 30 days or so.”

The fundraiser is not just limited to $5 donations. If you are able to donate more, that will help a lot. Drone Research, Inc. is offering incentives to those who donate more than $5. You can get a photo, video, t-shirt and more just for making a donation to help many others. Drone Research, Inc.’s mission statement says it all.

About Drone Research, Inc.

Drone Research, Inc.’s mission is to share knowledge of building and using low-cost unmanned aerial vehicles for conservation, agriculture, environmental research, disaster, and search and rescue with researchers/nonprofits organizations worldwide. Drone Research, Inc. works closely with all groups to help them understand the use of drones for their particular applications and/or purposes. Drone Research, Inc. also works with children with disabilities allowing them a chance to fly and explore without leaving the ground.


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