Oldschooltees.com Goes Green

Old School Tees has cool and comfortable t-shirts from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s for men and women. They feature bands, TV shows, movies and a whole lot more for those who want to go for that Throwback vintage style.

Now it has taken several efforts to do its bit for the environment and attain its goal of becoming the Greenest ecommerce company. To begin with, it uses the most Earth-friendly packaging in the retail business sector. It also makes the most out of custom printed poly mailers from Ecoenclse made in the US from completely recycled content.

Simple things like using single panel folding boxes because they require less tape are driving Old School Tees forward in its mission. These boxes are also made out of 100% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content, and are fully recyclable and biodegradable.

The company has also taken the effort to change things from within by converting staff to low power PCs and encouraging them to bicycle to work. Fluorescent lighting is being used in its offices and warehouse to cut down on the energy consumption as well.

Besides these measures taken on its own, Old School Tees is working with Green America’s Green Business Network to monitor its progress through its endeavour. The company has also started offering Environmentally Themed Tees that are made from 100% organic cotton and feature fun environmental messages too. Every T-shirt sold in the category gets a donation from the company to American Forests to plant a tree in an American forest that is in desperate need.

About Oldschooltees.com

It stocks cool and comfortable vintage t-shirts that match buyers’ unique tastes, personalities and interests too.