First Choice Bee Removal Expands Services Into Arizona As Summer Approaches Peak

First Choice Bee Removal has expanded its range of services to help people responsibly remove bee infestations from their homes in key areas of Arizona, as their activity reaches fever pitch.

North Port, FL, United States of America – July 4, 2014 /MarketersMedia/ —

There is a global threat to bees, and many feel they face extinction. While the exact cause is as yet unconfirmed, the reality is that a drastically different approach to handling bees is required if their future is to be protected, especially as they are essential to food and crops. However a bee infestation in a home can cause real and lasting infrastructure damage as well as a real inconvenience and can actually endanger the lives of those allergic to bee stings.

They specialize in the live removal of honey bees, extracting and then containing hives from homes so that the bees naturally relocate, capturing and containing them before taking them to farmers who need them for their cash crops. This ensures the bees can continue to perform their essential functions in pollinating crops without endangering homeowners.

A spokesperson for First Choice Bee Removal explained, “As well as live honey bee removal, we are capable of removing wasps, hornets and yellowjackets, masonry bees and other varients that can create real and lasting structural damage as well as present a genuine threat to individuals. We believe in handling every case responsibly and we do not exterminate where we can avoid it. Our website also includes detailed information on bees, so individuals from Arizona who are discovering our services for the first time can understand what challenges they face, how to treat bee colonies until we arrive, and how they can often return year after year. We are pleased to serve these new areas of Arizona, and hope it is the beginning of a much greater expansion.”

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