New Method, LLC Celebrates 25th Anniversary

After an 18 year career in the Furniture business, buying and selling over 20 Retail Stores in the Colorado, Wyoming area, Bruce with his wife Margo sold their last store and started an Advertising and Marketing firm specifically to help Real Estate Agents market themselves to acquire new listings. They named it New Method, LLC and came up with an idea for a new Postcard Marketing Program. It used a larger than typical at the time, Postcard. It was called a Jumbo Postcard. 5.5″ x 8.5 inches and it stood out in the mail because of being larger than a standard letter.

The printing was in color and the agents information was prominantly displayed on both sides of the Postcard. They came up with an idea of what they called a “Keep.em Card”. The name was registered and a new product was born. The “Keep’em Card” was a Postcard that not only had the agents photo, company logo and contact information within it but it included information that most people wouldn’t throw away. It had value for a longer period of time than most postcards that were seen and tossed in the trash in 5 seconds.

Each Postcard had a theme. The yearly Nascar Schedule, Local Public Golf Courses with phone numbers for T-Times, Airport Information Postcards, Football, Baseball and Basketball Schedules, Olympic Activities with TV stations to view the action, Dog Parks, Farmers Markets to just mention a few. They have been doing the research and development of a new postcard for each of the market places they serve for many years. San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco, California. Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver and Dallas each get a new Postcard every month. There were so many requests from agents in all other parts of the country that they were forced to develop a complete series for a National audience. It was just a bit more generic and worked in an city in the United States.

Instead of the Denver Bronco’s Schedule for the Denver area, the NFL Week-By-Week Postcard was used for the National version. It worked everywhere. A Calendar Postcard at the end of the year also listed all of the important dates for the coming year.

This program has proven to be so successful over the years that literally thousands of Realtors have enjoyed a very profitable lifestyle from using these Postcards in their marketing mix. The key to a program like this is to start and stick with it forever! New Method, LLC’s average client has been with them sending out a postcard each month for over 10 and a half years.

The first year is always the most difficult because most agents only see one or two listings. One will pay for the program for at least the 1st year and likely the 2nd year as well. In the second year they will see four to sex listings and it really starts to kick in in the 3rd year. They call it the Breakout Year because the listings will increase to the twelve to twenty-four range. Most agents mail their personal list as well as their farm area. Combined these lists should approach 500 names. Once an agent has been on the program for 3 years, they will most likely stay forever.

It is really amazing. The Rogat’s get calls weekly from their agent clients telling them how much they appreciate what the Keep’em Cards have done for their career.

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