Tri-State Bulldogs Are Training Hard for Their Upcoming 2014 Season

Hillburn, NY (PRWEB) July 07, 2014

While you wait for the NFL teams to start, why not root for the home team? The Tri State Bulldogs play right here in Rockland county at the St. Lawrence center on Torne Valley rd. We have 5 home games starting July 26th at 6pm

The Bulldogs are a family run organization started by Paul “Pops” Williams 32 years ago. There has been some variation ever since, and they have always made the playoffs! They have six Division Titles, and three League Championships. They are once again seeking the continued support of their loyal fans and sponsors as well as reaching out to new fans and sponsors. They promise to continue their tradition of bringing a quality football team to the field and to work with all community organizations.

Co-President Frank Williams, carried on the legacy of “Pops” and established the Tri-State Bulldogs Adult Minor League Football Organization in 1982, this is the version you see today. Frank even played Center From 1993-1994, until he was sidelined lnto early retirement with a knee injury. Frank’s organizational and leadership skills were quickly recognized. In 1994 he was asked to serve as the Commissioner of the Sullivan County Eight Man League. In 2002 the Empire Football League came knocking for him to serve as their Deputy Commissioner. Frank has a vision for his team not only for the 2014 but for the future, especially if the NFL decides to farm from local minor league teams.

This year Frank along with the Williams family, changed leagues from the New England Football League (NEFL) to the Major Football league (MLF). They feel a smaller geographical area will mean less travel time and will enable the fans to come to all the games. The other reason is MLF is more competitive. In fact, their first game of the season (against the Predators) is the team our current head coach (Coach Norman Mann) took to the Nationals (in Florida) back in 2012. They were undefeated. Playing against skilled teams makes The Bulldogs better, they are a an All-Star Team this year.

Frank says, “Come for the football game, but just know there is something for everyone. Kids entertainment, The Bulldolls dance team, DJ dancing and music, a new concession stand and so much more. And The Tri-State Bulldogs have a strong belief in giving back to the community so fundraisers are always welcome!”

Look for Brutus their team mascot for over 32 years, Bulldogs are a tradiotion with the Williams Family, that’s how the team got their name!