Wholesale Handmade Jewelry Bracelets Are Being Given to New Wholesale Customers for Free by Organic Tagua Jewelry

Wholesale handmade jewelry sellers can get one free tagua bracelet when they sign up for a wholesale account with Organic Tagua Jewelry.

Here’s what Soraya Cedona, owner of Organic Tagua Jewelry, had to say about new wholesale customers getting a free tagua bracelet:

“The reason I give away a free tagua bracelet to each new wholesale customer is quite simple. Our tagua jewelry is very unique and I want my customers to experience that for themselves. All of the jewelry is handmade by local artisans in Ecuador and it’s all hand dyed with certified organic vegetable dyes from Italy. You’ll find tagua in a panorama of vibrant colors and fashionable styles when you order from us.

The bottom line is the the beauty and quality of our tagua is unsurpassed by any other tagua jewelry company. You’ll only get the very best tagua from us and the free bracelet that you get in the mail will prove that. When you have it in your hands and see it for yourself you’ll know that this is the kind of tagua jewelry you can be proud to sell to your customers. When you’re ready to get your free bracelet, just go to our website and open up a wholesale account with us. You’ll be glad that you did.”

Organic Tagua Jewelry is located in Jensen Beach and is family owned and operated They set the standard for fine organic tagua jewelry and only provide their customers with the very best selection. Their handmade jewelry is crafted from Ecuadorian tagua nuts and certified organic vegetable dyes from Italy. Their line of wholesale tagua jewelry includes bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, figurines, and keychains. Since the inception of the company they have been committed to fair trade practices that directly benefit the artisans that create this jewelry and the Ecuador Amazon Rainforest. No other company can match the quality of their wholesale jewelry.

The very best tagua jewelry is available for purchase on their website by wholesale customers only. A new wholesale account must be opened before the free bracelet can be obtained. This promotion is for new customers only and doesn’t cover the shipping and handling of the bracelet. When a customer wants to place a wholesale order it must be a minimum of $300.00 Wholesale customers should note that colors and styles may vary, because each piece is handmade. Photos on the website are only for reference purposes.

Organic Tagua Jewelry’s free bracelet bracelet promotion for new wholesale customers is a fantastic way for jewelry store owners to find out if this jewelry will be a good fit for their customers. That’s because they can try out this wholesale handmade jewelry before they make a wholesale order.