Flavor Your Life Discusses the Highest Quality Olive Grove in the World

The social aim of Unaprol is to address the structural weaknesses present in the supply and marketing of extra virgin olive oil products, specifically European extra virgin olive oil products, and enhance production through participation in activities of the European Community. Unaprol has always supported the objectives of protection and improvement of olive oil quality.

The main activities of Unaprol include identifying environmentally friendly production techniques, concentrating and storing of products, marketing at national/international levels, and implementing projects and programs. These are not the only duties of the Unaprol organization; however, these are some of the more involved tasks.

Flavor Your Life campaign supported by the European Union, Unaprol and the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, is dedicated to providing the latest in industry news and health information about European extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil enhances the flavors of your recipes while providing health benefits. Flavor Your Life campaign, the voice of olive oil production quality control, aims to educate consumers so they can make informed decisions when purchasing olive oil.

SOURCE Flavor Your Life