Research and Markets: Research Report on the US Wind Power Industry 2012

Wind power is the most popular type of renewable energy being used in the world today. The last few years in particular have witnessed the exponential growth of the wind power industry worldwide. Large scale wind farms are coming up all over the world and are being connected to the electric power transmission networks to generate electricity. Not only is wind power a clean source of power, but its ready availability in many places makes it an extremely attractive option for generating power.

The United States is a leader in the global wind power industry, being second behind only China. In fact, wind power accounts for almost two percent of the total electricity generated in the US.

With new installations taking place in the US with an aim to eventually generate nearly twenty percent of the country’s electrical energy from wind power by 2030, the US wind power industry is poised for more growth.

Taiyou Research presents a complete analysis of the US Wind Power Industry. The report analyzes the wind power market in the United States through a market profile, analysis of the major wind farms in the country, an analysis of the major market players such as Acciona, Gamesa, and others.

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction to Wind Power

3. Wind Power Technology

4. Analysis of the Global Wind Power Market

5. US Wind Power Industry

6. Wind Turbine Manufacturing Market in the US

7. Wind and the Energy Industry

8. Economics of Wind Power

9. Market Trends

10. US Wind Power Market: Major Issues

11. US Market for Small Wind Turbines

12. Case Study: Micro Wind Generation

13. Wind Power Market Analysis by State

14. Analysis of Major US Wind Farms

15. Market Outlook

16. Major Market Players

17. Appendix

18. Glossary