New Book Shows the Funny Side of Farm Life

Kensington, MN (PRWEB) July 08, 2014

As a farmer since 1965, Jensen understands the financial and familial hardships that accompany life as a commercial farmer. He wanted to record his experiences, but he wanted to do it in a manner that did not take life too seriously. Thus, “The Farmer’s Bathroom Book” was born. A bathroom book is defined as a book that can be read for a brief period and then be put aside until next time, making it ideal for people like farmers who do not have time for lengthier pieces of writing.

“The Farmer’s Bathroom Book” contains short stories of life on the farm and local lore from Jensen’s hometown in West Central Minnesota. It includes tales of The Brunette and The Blonde (Jensen’s wife and daughter), the reason farmer pickup trucks are never stolen, thoughts on Minnesota cowboys and much more. The book also contains entertaining illustrations by Michael Rose and collections of one-liners, such as “You know you are a farmer when…” and “Your banker doesn’t know much about farming when…”

Marvin Jensen’s “The Farmer’s Bathroom Book” will offer readers a quick laugh when they need a break in their busy schedules. The stories contain a charm that everyone, not only farmers, will appreciate and love.