Rendition(R), a New PAA in the Agricultural Market

Jeremy Briscoe, Certis USA Specialty Ag Business Manager, said Rendition fits well within the Certis USA product line. “Rendition can be used many different ways to solve many different problems fruit and vegetable growers come across,” he said. “Rendition offers more flexibility at better economics to the distributors and the end users since the product label provides for multiple uses. One product can fit all the needs where PAA is used on the farm or in the packing house.”

Rendition may be used to cure and prevent bacteria, fungi and algae. It can be applied as a seed bed treatment, soil drench, foliar treatments, applied through irrigation systems, or used for postharvest treatments, such as on potatoes. Rendition may be applied up to and including the day of harvest. Because it is residue exempt, it is an export friendly product.