Pump market in India to grow at a CAGR of 11.54 percent by 2018

“One of the major trends in the Pump market in India is the increasing demand of end-users for integrated solutions from the vendors. Integrated solutions involve products such as motor, seals, drivers, and valves. It also includes services such as technical support and after-sales services. Since the market is highly price sensitive, most of the vendors differentiate their products with integrated solutions.”

According to the report, the increasing demand from major end-users is one of the major drivers in the Pump market in India. The Agriculture, Water and Wastewater, and Building Services industries are some of the major end-users in the Pump market in India.Further, the report states that despite the presence of several growth drivers, the Pump market in India also faces some growth inhibitors. For instance, Chinese vendors are offering low-cost pumps with better fuel efficiency than domestically produced pumps, which is hampering the sales of other vendors.