EcoPoly Solutions announces new Global Director of Sales

Ontario-based EcoPoly Solutions has announced Stephen T. Hofmann as it’s Global Director of Sales.

Ontario, Canada, July 7, 2014 – Today, EcoPoly Solutions Inc. officially announced the appointment of a new Global Director of Sales. Stephen T. Hofmann will be responsible for organizing and leading EcoPoly Solution’s global sales team.

Furthermore, in his new position as Global Director of Sales, Stephen T. Hofmann will be responsible for expansion of sales for EcoPoly’s DegriFilm and OxoElite additive on a global platform, as well as growing the global sales team, and strategy formation for sales operation. In addition, Hofmann will handle international trade, USDA programs, UN agriculture initiatives, and overall government relations.

“Stephen T. Hofmann has an exemplary work record. Stephen combines a sharp business acumen with an excellent technical mind,” said Derek Rynard, Chief Executive Officer of EcoPoly Solutions Inc. “We know he will be a great contributor and we look forward to welcoming him to EcoPoly Solutions as our new Global Director of Sales.”

Stephen Hofmann brings with him 20 years of experience in driving sales and global expansion. Hofmann’s work includes direct sales of sustainable products and business consulting in the fields of biodegradable plastics, helping to expand customer sales and growth. In addition, Hofmann spent 15 years as congressional and state legislative staff working on key agriculture programs. Hofmann has a proven track record in the plastics industry and is the former president of the Oxo-biodegradable Plastic Alliance, an international association of sustainable plastic manufacturers and suppliers. He has gained an excellent reputation for building relationships and maximizing the talents of the teams that he works with including some of the world’s largest companies. Further, Hofmann has also earned himself a reputation as being one of the top Washington, D.C. trade negotiators for international business and has a completely fresh perspective on growth for the company.