Farm Market iD Announces the Release of Its 2013 Land and Grower Database with New Geospatial Capabilities

Westmont, IL (PRWEB) July 08, 2014

Farm Market iD, a Telematch Inc. company, today announced the release of its proprietary farm and land database. The FMiD database contains detailed, fact-based (not survey or modeled) information on over 294 million planted acres, 1.8 million active individuals related to the Harvest Year 2013 and over $205 billion in annual crop value. A key highlight to this year’s update is the availability of its proprietary field-level data utilizing FMiD’s geospatial data.

The database contains historical information covering more than 20 years providing trends, rotational patterns and various analytics to power data driven decision making for agribusiness. Steve Rao, CEO of Farm Market id said, “A core element of our database, and unique to Farm Market iD, is our geospatial data including the farm field boundaries covering 96% of the farm land in the U.S. This land data is linked to growers and owners and is updated each year. FMiD is the only company that has a national footprint of field boundaries linked to growers.”

“This year, we took a new and exciting approach to compiling our 2013 data,” noted Hylon Kaufmann, president of Farm Market iD. “To respond to the industry’s, and our customer’s interest, in knowing more about the farm fields, we employed a ground-up approach. The data now starts with the actual acreage and crops at more than 30 million farm fields covering nearly 96%1 of the farm land in the US. We believe this new methodology will provide more meaningful information in tracking production trends as well as changes in individual farming operations.”

The Farm Market iD Database has been the standard bearer for detailed, accurate, fact-based information about the U.S. agriculture marketing for more than 40 years. Farm Market iD works with a wide range of clients, including major crop protection, nutrient, seed, farm equipment, financial services and direct marketing companies. The data and services FMiD provides, including trend analysis and enhanced email marketing capabilities, are used in a wide variety of business applications, ranging from advertising, research and promotion to development of marketing intelligence and sales strategies.