Salvagel Pain Cream Announces Amazon Product Release Special – Only $10 For The Next 250 Customers

Salvagel acts as not only a pain relief cream, but also a true anti-inflammatory. By approaching the problem of an injury or arthritis from both these important angles, according to the company, the cream can contribute greatly to the healing and repair of soft tissue.

The main ingredients in the cream include: DMSO, a scientifically proven carrier that delivers the other ingredients deep into tissue and also a powerful anti-inflammatory on its own; Turmeric, another hugely powerful anti-inflammatory; MSM; Arnica, a herbal pain killer; Ginger; Boswellia; and Menthol.

The early response to the pain relief cream has been positive across the board.

A new customer recently said, “Many years of farming, football and heavy mechanical work have taken a toll on my knees. I had been hobbling around for many years with severe pain. I have had orthoscopic surgery and the next step for me was replacement… until I tried Salvagel. Salvagel has helped me not only get through my days but I can keep up with chopping wood, digging and hauling without pain.”