Dr. Leslie Kaye, Psychologist Specializing in Starting Over, Starts Over with Historic 1850 Cadieux Farmhouse

Grosse Pointe, MI (PRWEB) July 09, 2014

The Cadieux Farmhouse is the last remaining example of French frame architecture from the ribbon farm era, built by Detroit’s French Canadian settlers, the Cadieux family.

In 2009, Dr. Leslie Kaye had it all: a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California, a McGill Montreal General internship, a two year Harvard Medical School fellowship. Over seven years she built a booming psychology practice and the hospital she worked with wanted to triple it. She had several college teaching gigs. She was President of Detroit’s International Institute Board of Directors, had a yacht at the Detroit Yacht Club that she had once lived aboard, and owned a large riverfront home in Windsor that she loved. But when the man she loved proposed, asked that she come away with him to Florida, and promised that she never had to work again, she left to do volunteer work with her church and marry.

But in 2014, she needed to start over. “Rebuilding is hard. I’ve helped many clients start over. But this time it was me.”

Dr. Kaye will restore the home as her own healing project. She is working on a self help book, and will lead small groups on healing journeys, next to Machu Picchu in 2015. She will relaunch her psychology practice locally and online worldwide. This time it will focus on the arts as a healing medium, in addition to her regular clinical practice. Dr. Kaye spent many years as a professional actress and artist before becoming a psychologist. In February 2014, she had the opportunity to do art therapy with the Masai girls at risk in Kenya before going on to South Africa where she was moved by the peace work of Nelson Mandela. In 2013, she became certified in Social Economic Environmental Design in the Public Interest Design training program at Harvard Graduate School of Design. Her new practice will incorporate “House Calls” in a television pilot with client homeowners, like herself in transition. Working in a new branch of her field, Design Psychology, it helps clients create beautiful homes that are healing environments, rooted in their environmental genealogy. Contact her if you would like to be considered for this program.

“All of us need beauty around us. We need adventures to excite us, and family or friends to love us. At this point in my life, I just hope I can help others through transitions, whether it’s helping them find their own “historic house to move” or something like it, or to have the courage to voyage somewhere they have always wanted to go. I hope to help people re-imagine their lives, through personal growth, healing journeys, the arts, and psychotherapy. I am so happy to help preserve this home, as part of our saving our heritage and for my own personal journey.”

If you would like to work or travel with her, you can reach Dr. Leslie Kaye at 313 978 7792 or email her at leslieannkaye(at)yahoo(dot)com.