New Underwater Photography Book,’Luminous Sea’, Offers Glimpse Into Undersea World of Pacific Northwest

“The Pacific Northwest is known for its dense forests, beautiful landscapes, and exotic wildlife,” says Salas. “Many people are so caught up in admiring the mountains and rivers that they don’t realize there’s an equally beautiful world right off the coast.”

“Luminous Sea” serves a much larger purpose than simply providing readers with jaw-dropping images, however. Fifty percent of the future profits from “Luminous Sea” will be donated to The Ocean Foundation, an organization that works with donors to grow the financial resources available for marine conservation.

“When you see these animals in their natural habitats, you are moved to do anything to save them,” says Salas. “That’s why we decided to donate fifty percent of our future profits to The Ocean Foundation. Keeping these animals in their homes so our children can enjoy them is of paramount importance.”

A professional photographer for over 35 years, Salas has been utilizing digital photography since its inception nearly 20 years ago. Combining his advertorial photography experience, diving expertise and marine life knowledge, Salas provides readers with once-in-a-lifetime shots that capture the personalities of each individual animal.

SOURCE A.S.K. Studio