Building a Better Hollywood–Grind or Glamour?

“We wanted to make a scripted show about the kooky antics behind the movie business, something that would appeal to a broad audience but also be a wink to our friends,” explains Davis. “Naturally, we looked to our filmmaking day jobs to create something in the DIY spirit of the web, but slicker than your average YouTube series. And then we asked ourselves, how could we be Big Picture relevant?”

“We needed a visual style that would reflect our characters, and position our audience in the center of their media ocean. We built sets first in a computer, then let our production team execute. We shot photos of Hollywood-the hills, the West Hollywood Sunset Strip, other landmark buildings and we put this together into a kind of idealized skyline.”

“I’m a relative newcomer, but I’d like to see the established TV talent that’s moving into the web space do something meaningful with their tools, think a little bigger,” says Davis.

Plitt echoes, “If we can aim for a greater cause, why can’t they?”


SOURCE Luxfarm Pictures