Clinical Trials Confirm Vast Implications For Beauty & Skin Care Of Snail Secretions

The International Atomic Energy Agency has recently endorsed clinical evidence to the results of scientific research published in 2008 and 2012 about the molecular basis that explain the vast implications for beauty care and corrective skin treatment of using Cryptomphalus Aspersa snail secretions to empower topical skin care products.

The clinical trials confirmed the vast implications for beauty and corrective skin care of the discovery of these remarkably common beautifying and healing secretions. In 2008 and 2012, in vivo assays published by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York provided scientific evidence of the powerful antioxidant and skin regeneration properties of the secretions and, on its potential use in regenerative medicine.

In 2009, clinical studies published in peer reviewed professional journals in Korea had shown the positive effects of these snail secretions for atopic dermatitis (eczema). Studies in Greece published by the Journal of Dermatology Treatment also in 2009 proved the benefits of using the secretions for the management of partial thickness burns (second degree burns). And more recently, research in Spain published in 2012 had tested the secretions positively for diminishing wrinkles.

The discovery of the beautifying and healthy effects of the secretions was led by the demand for “escargots” from 5 Star Restaurants & Bistros of Paris.

Chilean farmers packing wild brown garden snails, at a fruit orchard, for export to France, noticed something peculiar. Their hands became incredibly soft; cuts and abrasions healed with no infection or scarring and old scars disappeared.

The quest for a process to collect the secretions and preserve them, begun in the 1980′s and as of this date three technologies have been developed to collect and include the secretions in skin care products.

Products based on snail secretions are popular in South America and in Europe, perhaps because people there are familiar with their many beautiful colors, shapes and sizes in their gardens, and because they enjoy gourmet “escargots”, and do not considered them at all slimy.

Now snail creams, gels and serums are becoming very popular also in Korea and Japan.

In America, actress Katie Holmes and celebrity Ashley Robertson are saying they are “impressed by the results” and grateful to the little garden snails and the small farmers in Chile that first discovered their beautiful properties.

The “Biocutis? serum” thus obtained is not only protected against performance degradation, but can penetrate deeply beyond the epidermis into the dermis when applied topically.

BIOCUTIS? serum is scientifically proven, unique, completely natural and collected from live snails without doing any harm to the wondrous little creatures.

The Biocutis? line includes 10 products formulated with additional active botanicals to address specific skin concerns. Biocutis? products dim wrinkles, get rid of acne, prevent and remove scars and stretch marks, relieve dry skin, eczema, rosacea and rashes; correct uneven skin tone (hyperpigmentation), sooth sensitive skin and skin irritations, drop off actinic keratosis scales, heal sun damaged skin, and make beauty care much more effective.

Andes Natural has relaunched its website to reflect the validation by prestigious institutions around the world of the wondreous immune serum for the skin from the humble brown garden snails.

Readers can enjoy our infographics and images and will have a much better idea about what the products powered by snail secretions can do for them and, if they should invest their money to try one of the therapeutic or beauty care products. The website also contains information to help one suffering from skin disorders, and knowledge enthusiasts who wish to satisfy their requirement will learn all about them.

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