Todd Naber Celebrates Years of Success with Naber Specialty Grains Ltd

Melfort, its boosters like to say, is a city on the move. As Todd Naber knows, Melfort has the charms of the small town that it is, but also offers the amenities of a larger city. Melfort is located in Saskatchewans great North East. As Todd Naber points out, it is an area that has some of the richest farmland in Saskatchewan and the world. As such, Melfort is a major service center for the entire Northeast.

There are only about six thousand people living in Melfort, Saskatchewan, according to the most recent census. They tend to be the best of what Canada has to offer. We take pride in the friendliness of our citizens and in the safe environment of our community, Melforts Mayor, Rick Lang, likes to say. Melfort has superb facilities for its citizens and visitors.

The Northern Lights Palace, for example, is a community center with a skating rink and swimming pool. It is a first rate facility, the sort of place any community would point to with civic pride. Melforts Northern Lights Palace contains an arena that can hold nearly two thousand people, which amounts to about a third of its populaltion, and a swimming pool with a water slide and wave technology, one of only a few in all of Saskatchewan.

The Northern Lights Palace was named after Melforts own nickname, The City of Northern Lights. Melfort is called that because it is situated far enough to the north to regularly enjoy displays of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. The Northern Lights are a natural light show caused by collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earths atmosphere, which produce brilliant colors in the sky.

Another facility that Melfort residents like Todd Naber like to point out is the Kerry Vickar Centre, which is a relatively new multi-purpose facility. The Kerry Vickar Centre contains the CJVR Performing Arts Theatre, the Sherven-Smith Art Gallery and Swartout Hall, which doubles as a gymnasium. The building also includes the Advantage Credit Union Meeting Rooms and the Bourgault Board Room, and is used as a convention center. Melfort is home to many other facilities that cater to other sport, cultural and recreation interests.

The residents of Melfort, like Todd Naber, are well known for their volunteerism, as evidenced by its hosting of the Saskatchewan Summer Games in 1988, the Royal Bank Cup in 1996, and the Saskatchewan Winter Games in 2006. Melfort provides a quality of life that people like Todd Naber say is second to none. It has excellent health care facilities, a quality education system and a community that is growing from a commercial standpoint, as evidenced by a new shopping development called Stonegate.