Pacific Northwest — Hard-Rock Mine Principal Frank Wall Sues Mines Management, Newhi & Montanore Minerals Corporation for Fraud… in Montana District Court

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Frank Wall, president & CEO, Trans Telluric Corporation(TM),announced today filing a civil action in Montana NineteenthDistrict Courtagainst Mines Management, Inc., Newhi, Inc.,and Montanore Minerals Corporation. Wall alleges thatDefendants –Mines Management and Montanore Minerals haverepeatedly overshot their legal bounds in process of sanctionssought for an approved Plan of Operations (POO) by federal andstate authorities for hard-rock mining permits on historic,pristine Libby Creek in Lincoln County, NW Montana. Wall asserts,”I believe that Mines Management is going to ‘foul up the water’and in the State of Montana.”

Wall, “I’m not against resource–metal mining and good paying,long-term jobs for Montana residents which is desperately needed inLincoln County. I’m just against a bunch of outsider,financialpeople who misleadlocal citizenswithempty promises and soak their stockholders for millions.”Wall added, “Show ’em the light; maybe they’ll feel the heat.” –Wall also expressed his concern, “Due to a potential conflict ofinterests where a former Norandaemployee, nowanemployee of the Forest Service (FS)has been key in theFSdecision-making chain, and I am concerned about theagenciesoverseeing expensive government and private permitoperations under an expired KNF/DEQ Memorandum of Understanding(MOU), andI feel the EIS (environmental impact statement)process really should start all over again.Why? –Thisisbecause the Forest Service and MT DEQ (and MMI/MMC) ALL,were acting without legal authority on the Montanore project forover a year which says volumes about any futureaccountability.”

According to Frank Wall,a High Volume of water discharge,and consequently, Wall believes, Mines Management & MontanoreMinerals areNOT being “proper stewards of theforesthabitat.”

Wall assertsand claims, “Can a leopard change its spots?” – Noranda & MMIwere repeatedly cited for “nitrates in Libby Creek.”

According toWall, Noranda’s geologist Lynn Hagarty is now the Forest ServiceCoordinator for KNF, DEQ & MMI, on the very same Montanoreproject, and respectfully, Wall feels could have made decisions inthe chain-of-command influencing the outcome of the pressed,permitting EIS/NEPA process underway.

For therecord, the KNF & DEQ’s 2005 MOU #105010 on Montanore EISexpired Dec. 31, 2010, and much later was renewed Jan. 24, 2012,documents of which Wall has received.

Wall, aminority MGN (MMI) shareholder asserts, “Mines Management is’milking’ its stockholders” and the Securities and ExchangeCommission has been notified of allegedimproprieties byWall.

Most of all,like the “leopard’s spots,” according to Mr. Wall, “MinesManagement I believe has endangered and couldirrevocably harmthe Bull Trout in Libby Creek and downstream waters.”

The three followingagency directivesor citationswhich Wall received, were sent to Defendants MMI, et al. or theircounselon the dates noted:

RegionalForester Abigail Kimbell on Sept. 29, 2006 said, “MMI still needsto obtain new FS approval.”

KNF SupervisorBradford Aug. 7, 2007 said, “MMC [MMI] must obtain Forest Serviceapproval … prior to dewatering and continuing excavation, drilling,and development work at the Libby Creek adit.”

Two yearslater, August 21, 2009, the same Paul Bradford issued via CM/RRR toMMI President and CEO Glenn Dobbs an ultimatum, “NOTICE OFNON-COMPLIANCE” afterwards, when MMI and MMC pumped unauthorizedwater beyond the 600 feet allowedto 7,200 feet in the adit,with intentions to go further under the wilderness boundary, alsowithout agencies’ permission.

Wall noted,just recently MMI/MMC evidently had toshut its pumps downafter flooding Libby Creek with ground and surface water for overfive years…

And accordingto Frank Wall, the MontanaDEQ had directed to the defendants,”No mining…” What is MMC/MMI’s drilling-and-blasting intohard-rock in the adit but mining?

Prior to MMI’s 2007 lawsuit against Wall, et al., LCV and Mr.Wall were performing progressive feasibility studies as to aprospectus for private placement to key investors. Wall andassociate Phil Hinson, business development CPA in Atlantawereseeking 9.5 million USD to launch the LCV Mine projectoff to a clean start with a good management andoperationalteam: Wall asserts, “Our 2007 business planinvolved primary targets and was expected to approach 55,000 feetof ‘diamond-core exploration drilling’ in the near term, afterFS/DEQ approvals, of two-to-five years.– MMI has stalled ourbusiness expectancies with all these unneeded courtchallenges.”

Wall’s former clients LCV, and Bakie, did have a 20-year MININGLEASE with Noranda Minerals Corporation, which was terminated–theadit sealed/abandoned–relinquished to BJR (noted above) by Norandaon July 27, 2002 after 13 years when Noranda “pulled up stakes” inMontana leaving MMI and mining investors in a lurch. Ineffect, Noranda terminated the lease with LCV thatthey neededto drive the adit. Incumbent to this Mining Lease was the”Grant of Easement” granted to Noranda by BJR for the adit.The “Old Montanore Adit,” presently the LCV (Bakie) adit, which wasthen reverted back BJR, LCV’s predecessor-in-interest.

As was stated to the DEQ legal staff by an MMI attorney RickOrizotti,prior to any attendant litigation ongoingnowfor 7 years, “Noranda has no rights to the [OperatingPermit No. 00150], because it no longer holds title to the claims[that constitutes] the Montanore project.” — Wall asserts, “Thisincludes the LCV Adit(TM) and the Grant of Easement to the $60 millionUSD adit now owned by Mr. Bakie which MMI seeks to possess.”This same MMI attorneylater claimed, MMI now has theserights, as does his clients MMI, MMC and Newhi, but the courtsruled in Arnold Bakie’s favor and have said otherwise.

Wall also represented, prior to being sued by Mines Managementin 2007, Co-Defendant and widow twice-over, Bakie’smother-in-law,matriarch Mrs.Louise Voves (89) of SpiritLake, Idaho, progeny of pioneer miners, who in the early 1980s,located well over 1,000 mining claims (or 33 square miles orsections) with brother Ralph Bakie (deceased)…. Voves has said,”Noranda’s (MMI)… is analogous to 1901 Montana, Amalgamated Copper,the Minnie Healy Mine case,” a famous law study, and our ongoingsaga is like unto “the boy David against the Philistine giant,Goliath.”

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