The Best Renaissance Festivals and Ren Faires Offer 16th Century Family Fun and the Potential for Awesome Memories.

Tampa, Florida (PRWEB) July 14, 2014

The best Ren faires for families create an atmosphere punctuated by lively entertainment and living history moments, creating the perfect setting for a carefree family experience difficult to duplicate on your own. Where else can you pretend to be a pirate, jester, lady in waiting or a forest fairy? Where else can you practice speaking like a citizen of the shire; enjoy falconry and human-powered rides; weave through an enchanted maze or participate in an organized quest? Where else can you hear storytellers; see a royal court; watch jousting, puppeteers, and jesters? And where else can you eat with your fingers?

The seven best Ren faires for families include Bristol Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin, Great Lakes Medieval Faire in Ohio, Holly Michigan Renaissance Festival, Ohio Renaissance Festival, Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, New York Renaissance Faire, and Minnesota Renaissance Festival.