Gardening Coaches Announces Brand New Article On Californias Drought

This insightful article on Drought relief fro El Nino points out that only the most powerful storms in the last 80 years would provide enough water, only one in six ‘El Ninos’ results in an above average year of rain fall, and global climate changed has impacted all the models. It discusses the concept of ground water intrusion and goes into great detail into many different facets of that particular topic.

People not familiar with California agriculture will discover the three following new things that they never knew before California produces over 1/5 of the nations produce, water rationing will reduce available food supplies, and food costs are on the rise across the country.

Mike Taylor works the power of the internet to promote organic gardening. Mike is also a best-selling author, Sr. Editor at Newswire, publisher, broadcaster, business strategist and coach. Mike works from Southern California offices and helps businesses and professionals across the country.