Neville”s Artisan Coffee Expands Offerings

Neville’s Artisan Coffee previously announced the Ground Version of Caffe Veronica blend as an addition to their New York, New York brand, which includes House blends, Caffe Veronica, and French Dark Roasts. Their products are USDA Organic certified and Fair Trade certified in both whole bean and ground versions. They also plan to add a Colombian Whole Bean variety soon. This expansion, says Neville, “is to meet our customers requests for the same great organic quality beans in their favorite coffee.”

Every blend of the New York, New York brand is certified USDA organic, ensuring that their coffee contains no artificial ingredients or pesticide residue that can occur in other farming methods. The products are guaranteed to be fresh and are for use in all coffee makers. The brand has a rich, full flavor with no bitter aftertaste and the company stands behind the quality of each bag by offering a no-questions-asked return policy.

In addition to offering high-quality products, Neville’s Artisan Coffee website features a wealth of information and tips sent to each customer. For example, customers receive an email with tips on how to use their purchase to brew the perfect cup of coffee, and also how to store their coffee in air tight containers to make it last longer. Air is the number one enemy of the coffees freshness. On the company blog, they suggest stirring leftover grounds into soil to give a boost in nitrogen. This is mainly effective for plants that thrive in an acidic environment, such as camellias, roses, and azalea. They also mention it can be used as a refrigerator deodorant instead of baking soda.

The expansion of Neville’s Artisan Coffee line will be celebrated with limited-time discounts for patrons on their company website or on the company Facebook page.

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