Midwestern BioAg, Inc. CEO, Dr. Anthony F. Michaels, Prepares Plan For Rapid Expansion

The increasing demand for sustainable farming is a major component of MBA’s forward planning. With climate challenges increasing and stress on yields a constant pressure point, MBA has unique proprietary knowledge to help farmers increase the productivity of the land, crops and livestock. At the same time, farmers who use these biological systems make more money, a critical issue when trying to improve agriculture. The company plans to expand the availability of its system with additional staff, products and service centers.

Michaels co-created and managed a program on the value of climate forecasts in the management of hurricane-related risks by the international reinsurance industry and was the founding President of the Council of Environmental Deans and Directors, a professional organization for leaders of academic environmental programs that now involves over 140 universities and colleges.

Proteus brings together profound environmental technology and market expertise, end-to-end new venture incubation and technology commercialization know-how, with first-hand experience in sustainability, aquaculture, food production and alternative energy. The company’s insider network of key relationships across universities, industry, agriculture, aquaculture, government and major corporate leaders in the energy and environment space add another key element to the partnership the company has created with MBA. In addition to Proteus, a key investor, Grower’s Secret Inc., also has a mission to improve people’s lives and repair the earth. GSI offers a complete collection of organic products for home gardeners and commercial growers that are patented in 157 countries. As a lead investor, the company lends support to MBA’s methods that will improve agriculture and secure food for growing populations.

SOURCE Midwestern BioAg, Inc.