Consumers Energy Focusing on Forestry Projects Across Michigan to Deliver Electricity More Safely, Reliably

Consumers Energy is dedicating more resources to forestry this year than in 2013. Officials have planned ongoing work based on which of its 2,000 electric circuits are most affected by tree-related outages. Work is scheduled depending on what can have the most impact.

Consumers Energy communicates local tree-trimming plans to residents well in advance of the actual work. Planners walk circuits where work is scheduled, talking to residents in person or leaving contact information, and marking trees that will be trimmed. Letters also are mailed in advance to all homeowners and businesses along circuits where work will take place.

No trees should ever be planted under high-voltage transmission lines, which transmit electricity across the state. Only particular trees should be planted under distribution lines – the power lines that serve communities and households.

CMS Energy’s and Consumers Energy’s “FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS AND INFORMATION” and “RISK FACTORS” sections are incorporated herein by reference and discuss important factors that could cause CMS Energy’s and Consumers Energy’s results to differ materially from those anticipated in such statements.

SOURCE Consumers Energy