Winning Brands Listed by 1.6 Million Member Co-Op

The listing means that 1000+ Stain Remover, World’s Most Versatile Cleaning Solution, will be accessible to co-op stores associated with Federated through Federated distribution facilities.Winning Brands CEO Eric Lehner comments: “Retailing co-operatives have the attractive characteristic for a supplier that co-op members are more likely to shop at co-op when possible instead of other stores.This generates more regular shopping patterns and better communication between members and their stores than would be typical for retail settings.Furthermore, if a product is not available at their co-op, it is less likely to be purchased by that member’s household or farm. Winning Brands’ operating priority following this listing is to introduce 1000+ to the co-op stores themselves with information kits and to build awareness amongst co-op staff.This awareness will encourage trial of 1000+ Stain Remover by co-op consumers who have not heard of the product before. Winning Brands’ base of consumers amongst these 1.6 million people can grow as a result.A product as useful and versatile as 1000+ Stain Remover can become a winner in this large member group. The approval by Federated is a solid operating development.”The regular sized 909 mL bottle of 1000+ Stain remover is now Federated Product Number 4635835;the 125 mL “Handy” size is Federated Product Number 4635827.