Flat Rock Auto Insurance Provider Discusses Proposal: 10% Reduction for Personal Injury Protection

Frost & Remer (insurancebyfrost.com) disclosed that should this new policy be implemented the unlimited Personal Injury Protection will be capped off at $10 Million. This will also force reduced reimbursement rates for car-related injuries. Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association will have the power to combat insurance fraud by meticulously analyzing cases.

Bolger says that this is “a cycle that we need to correct,” something that has been created “by legislative inaction.”

The newly proposed $10 Million limit is still double the amount of New York’s limit, which is the second highest coverage after the state’s unlimited plan. New Jersey follows at third with $15,000.

This new plan will not affect existing patients, says Bolger. The representative is optimistic that these claims will be more efficient with the new proposal.

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