Paleo By Season: A Chef”s Approach to Paleo Cooking Now Available

“From day one of culinary school, chefs are taught not to rely on recipes. Instead, they’re trained in cooking methods, techniques, and flavor profiles that give them the skills to handle any ingredient, in any kitchen, anywhere in the world,” said Servold. “Paleo By Season brings this approach to healthy, seasonal home cooking that follows Paleo cuisine’s emphasis on whole meats, fruits, and vegetables.”

Paleo By Season contains dozens of techniques, more than 100 Paleo recipes and a showcase of small farmers and ranchers across the country who are providing sustainably-raised meats and organically-grown fruits and vegetables. At its core, the book provides the tools necessary to conquer any farmer’s market or grocery store-no matter what ingredients are available-and have the skills to turn them into something delicious. In addition, essential kitchen skills from roasting poultry to keeping your knife sharp to sauting vegetables are all clearly explained and broken down into easy-to-follow steps.