Gemperle Farms Promotes Custard-Based Ice Creams for Summer Delight

By the 1960s, an electric ice cream maker replaced the hand churn one. This updated version featured a wooden bucket, rock salt and ice, which are still used atGemperle family events today.

“Now the grandkids have taken our place, and as I watch them staring patiently at the machine, it churns up memories of gangs of kids running around the yard, ping pong balls flying, Frisbees throwing, bell bottoms and tons of fun,” Gemperle remembered.

Gelato can be made with milk, eggs, cream and fruit puree, but has a higher sugar content and lower fat than ice cream. Normally ice cream contains milk or cream and has at least 10 percent milk fat, while frozen custards include egg yolks, which lend to a richer and creamier texture.

“The Gemperle family prefers frozen custards or gelatos that include eggs, because they come with an additional nutritional punch,” Gemperle said. “As a kid, little did I know about the amazing nutritional value behind this type of ice cream, but I bet my mom knew what was in those eggs.”

Gemperle Family Farms produce all varieties of eggs including traditional shell eggs, enriched colony barns, specialty eggs such as browns, organic, cage free, omega 3 and cage free fertile. All of our eggs are produced without hormones and antibiotics – the natural way that eggs should be produced. We believe in supplying eggs that consumers want to buy so we produce eggs for a variety of consumer needs and budgets.

SOURCE Gemperle Family Farms