HONDURAS: A world of Lenca culture to discover, says CANTURH

To speak of the land of the Lencas is to speak of highlands immersed in blankets of fog, where the pine forests are interrupted by an enormous variety of fruit-bearing plants from which the country’s most delicious artisanal wines are produced – strawberry, apple, peach, myrtle, plum and more – making the perfect accompaniment for this delicacy of the Caesars with its Lenca accent.

Native music, exclamations, drums and whistles comprise the fanfare that brings you into the most intimate elements of Lenca culture, brightly colored cloths to protect the heads of Lenca women from the cold, set off against the copper-colored skins of happy, hard-working folk who will be your peerless hosts, and all this is but a single part of a vast celebration that takes on mystical and magical shadings surrounding the King for a Day observance, a festival worth experiencing and enjoying, remembering and cherishing…

SOURCE Honduran National Chamber of Tourism – CANATURH