Farmer Distilled Organic Vodka Company Being Created

Not a drop has yet been sold, but the buzz about King Cayuga Vodka has already got everyone talking. Some people in the spirit industry are calling Steve Polgar the next Sidney Frank. If you don’t know who Sidney Frank is, then know that he created Grey Goose in 1997, which sold to Bacardi for 2.2 billion dollars in 2004. Polgar is a jeweler by trade and has earned a reputation as an indemand business consultant. Now he is using his business acumen to create King Cayuga Vodka.

What is King Cayuga Vodka and how is it different from all the other vodkas? “King Cayuga is made with organic local white wheat from the Fingers Lakes and spring water that has naturally flowed through limestone by a farmer who uses stateoftheart technology in conjunction with old world techniques,” Polgar stated.

Steve Polgar has already made deals with wellknown celebrities to help publicize the vodka. When asked who King Cayuga has signed on, he stated, “Through my charity work, consulting, and career, I have had the great opportunity to meet some wonderful people who happen to be famous. We can’t announce any names yet, but one can expect that there will be an actor, musician, and possibly a comedian. King Cayuga is the best vodka and we will be working with celebrities who are the best in their field.”

The distillery that makes King Cayuga Vodka has received Double Gold and an award for “Best Vodka” from the New York International Spirits Competition. Likewise, it produced the alcohol used in the brand that won Double Gold and “Best Vodka” in San Francisco’s World Spirits Competition. Polgar reports that, “By using only local organic ingredients, a controlled slow fermentation technique, as well as a complex distillation and filtration process that takes place 10 times, King Cayuga is the purest and best tasting vodka ever created.”

With the unprecedented purity of the vodka, it blends seamlessly into any mixer of choice. “I expect King Cayuga to be used in a lot of martinis because it lacks the painful burning sensation that is commonly caused by the alcohol in other vodkas. Instead, King Cayuga enhances the added flavors and creates a smooth enjoyable drink.”

If the logo is any indication, the vodka is going to be great and far from ordinary. While most brands go with a glossy, overly perfected logos that all look alike, King Cayuga went the opposite direction. “We were lucky enough to commission Disney Art Director Quincy Sutton. After considering his many years of experience as a Senior Character Artist for Disney, it wasn’t a very hard choice to make. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the royal Cayuga Duck, which is not just as a logo, but also a wonderful company mascot.”

So how did this jeweler/business consultant get into organic vodka? “I started making macerated fruit vodkas for gifts and parties, and they were always a big hit. I don’t want to create another vodka that is all hype, which is why it’s so important to me that King Cayuga is local and organic. My great grandfather was a farmer and my father worked on the family farm growing up, so the sentiment has been passed down through the generations that we have to take care of the environment just as much as it takes care of us.”

There has also been a lot of interest in King Cayuga Vodka from angel investors and venture capitalists. When asked how fundraising was going, Polgar said, “It can be hard to find the right people who understand and share our vision. We aren’t looking to make a quick buck; we want to create a longlasting brand that is loved and admired by consumers. As of right now, an investor that will also be a trusted advisor is the ideal situation.”