Kickstarter Project StitchCAM Uses Drone Technology to Help Farmers Produce More Crops with Less Resources

As the drone moves in a serpentine pattern over the survey area it captures and collects several ultra-high resolution color images, near-infrared information and geo-location data. After the survey is complete, the software on the tablet immediately processes the images for viewing right in the field. Farmers use the near-infrared data to evaluate whether plants are healthy or stressed, or to identify weed pressures. Landowners can use the information to assess areas that are being under-watered or over-watered and make adjustments to utilize water resources more wisely.

The StitchCAM system contains high-tech components in a rugged and reliable package. At the heart of the StitchCAM is its patent-pending V2 imaging sensor that captures high-resolution data. As a quadcopter, the drone aircraft can fly in and out of areas with trees, fly slow and resist wind gusts with precision. It can take off and land autonomously within a ten-foot circle. The compact quadcopter also folds up to fit into a portable box that can be safely carried and easily stored. Included with the system are the drone, the tablet, a battery and a battery charger. The system is ready to use out of the box after an initial charge of the tablet and the drone battery.