International Agriculture Firm H.J. Baker Launches MetaboMet(r) Rumen Protected Methionine for Dairy and PRO-LAK(r) CUSTOM, Precision Formulating for High Producing Herds

WESTPORT, Conn., USA (PRWEB) July 22, 2014

Lysine and Methionine are identified as the two most limiting amino acids in dairy cows. Expensive protein often times is overfed in today’s rations order to try to meet the ideal amino acid requirements of high producing dairy cows. The answer is precision rumen protected products that deliver key amino acids directly to the small intestine.

H.J. Baker also announced the launch of a new rumen protected protein formula, PRO-LAK(R) CUSTOM. This customizable formulation is designed to meet the different needs of high producing dairy farms because it gives you the flexibility to replace or decrease usage of other protein sources that may not meet the desired needs, availability or cost parameters.

In addition when balancing for amino acids, PRO-LAK(R) CUSTOM allows you to formulate the original PRO-LAK(R) Rumen Protected Protein Concentrate delivering a precision protein supplement needed to improve feed efficiency, milk performance and profitability. Thus, you get the same high quality product and customer service precisely formulated for you.

Since introducing PRO-LAK(R) in the early 1990s, H.J. Baker has been a strong advocate for balancing for amino acids in order to optimize the genetic potential of dairy cows. According to H.J. Baker’s Steve Azzarello, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing “Our goal at H.J. Baker is to help our customers find the right solution to meet their needs. Our precision formulated feed products are more efficient and effective, which helps our customers do more with less. The right amino acid profile is important to maximize milk production and premium content. With the addition of MetaboMet(R) and PRO-LAK(R) CUSTOM we are responding to the needs of our customers and providing a complete line of products and solutions to meet the nutritional needs of high producing dairy herds.”

Research shows early lactation cows produce high levels of milk and milk protein when the balance of essential amino acids to the small intestine is improved. Balancing for amino acids, now an industry standard, increases milk production and improves protein and fat component percentages. In addition, amino acids can impact productivity by affecting metabolism and immune function.

H.J. Baker has been a global manufacturer and supplier of agricultural goods and services for 164 years. H.J. Baker has built relationships that last decades, and continues to invest in innovative products, the environment and the community. The company’s strategically located processing plants, offices and warehouses create a super-efficient pipeline for the vital commodities and products that it sources, manufactures and markets. H.J. Baker is headquartered in Westport, Connecticut, U.S.