AXIO Data Group announces first year financial results

The reported results for the period show revenue of 122m, a Group operating loss of 15.6m and a net loss of 30.1m. The strengthening of sterling during 2013 reduced AXIO’s consolidated revenue and profits. The results include one-off costs related to the establishment of AXIO, restructuring charges and an impairment charge against intangible assets.

AXIO Data Group comprises seven information businesses, operating in over 25 countries, serving a range of sectors: healthcare, intellectual property, containerised trade and specialised cargo, aviation and forest products.

AXIO’s businesses all occupy leadership positions, have strong brands, and are cash-generative. Our strategy is to grow profits through revenue growth, performance improvement and acquisition.

Vidal is moving rapidly to become a predominantly digitally-delivered business reflecting the information consumption patterns of healthcare professionals.

MIMS is an essential workflow and information resource hub for clinicians. It is a multiple-platform drug and medical information service, available at every point of care. Services include the highly popular online drug and medical information portal (, MIMS mobile applications, integrated drug knowledge bases within hospital information systems and standalone reference platforms, as well as desktop drug directories.

MIMS continues to strengthen its network of registered healthcare professionals through its large and growing digital audience.

TechInsights is a leading intellectual property (IP) services business which operates globally and has many of the world’s leading technology companies amongst its clients. For 25 years, TechInsights has helped clients maximize the commercial value they receive from their patent portfolios. We do this by supporting patent assertion, defending alleged infringement, portfolio reviews and patent brokerage. In addition we provide syndicated technical intelligence reports.

TechInsights possesses the largest independent body of knowledge in our industry with a library of over 8,500 technical reports. Our team has broader domain and sector experience than any competitor.

JOC Group is the authoritative provider of business intelligence, data and events for trade, transportation and logistics professionals worldwide. Through its PIERS database and world renowned JOC coverage of transportation online, in print and through live events, JOC Group provides customers with critical insights and workflow tools to compete effectively in the global marketplace.

JOC has been the leading information and marketing services provider for the US domestic and international cargo community since 1827. It is the leader in this market and has been fast developing the quality and breadth-of-use of its data and as a result, has been experiencing significant growth with commercial customers, government agencies and other users.

RISI is the leading information provider for the global forest products industry. Its mission is to create the highest quality information for and about the global forest products industry and deliver it to customers as part of value-added solutions. RISI works with clients in the pulp and paper, wood products, timber, tissue and nonwovens industries to help them make better business decisions.

RISI helps clients with: the latest pricing information, supply-demand conditions, financial news, mill projects and market trends by region and globally. RISI is the best positioned and most authoritative source in the market.

Breakbulk Events & Media is the world’s leading brand name in specialized logistics intelligence. Breakbulk’s exhibitions, congresses, workshops and media products serve logistics executives working in the oil & gas, traditional / renewable power generation, mining and infrastructure / construction markets.

OAG is a world leader in aviation intelligence and is relied upon globally for essential aviation information, data and insight. OAG is the only single source provider of schedules, traffic and flight status information. It delivers accurate, comprehensive and up-to-the-minute aviation data. OAG also provides market-leading analytical tools. It has been trusted and respected within the industry for over 80 years.

OAG sources information from over 900 airline companies. We aggregate live data into accessible digital databases which are used by a wide variety of customers: from Rolls Royce to Google.

OAG is a pre-dominantly digital subscription business.

SOURCE AXIO Data Group Holdings Ltd