Future Site of the War of 1812 Monument Dedicated with Historic Soil and Waters

OTTAWA, ONTARIO — (Marketwired) — 07/23/14 — Department of Canadian Heritage

Ahead of the start of construction at the future site of the War of 1812 Monument, the Government of Canada took time to dedicate the site in remembrance of the bravery and sacrifice shown in one of Canada’s pivotal conflicts.

Soil samples from 10 key War of 1812 battlefield sites, as well as water samples from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, Lake Champlain, and some of the Great Lakes, were poured at the base of an Acer rubrum red maple tree that was planted in close proximity to the monument’s future site. Cadets and a fife and drum corps were on hand to mark the occasion and demonstrate the importance of never forgetting the men and women who fought to defend their homes. The victory they helped win enabled a strong and independent Canada to come into existence within North America.

Canadian Heritage is pleased to work with Public Works and Government Services Canada and the National Capital Commission on this project, which will become a lasting symbol in the nation’s capital of the importance of the War of 1812 in Canada’s history.

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“This monument in Canada’s Capital will remind us how those of diverse backgrounds and various regions came together to fight for their land, their homes, and their families during the War of 1812. The story of the independent and free country we know today will be shared with the thousands of people who visit Parliament Hill and see this legacy.”

-The Honourable Shelly Glover, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages

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The War of 1812 – The Fight for Canada

For the duration of the commemoration of the War of 1812, the Government of Canada is committed to remembering and honouring how Canadians from diverse backgrounds and regions came together to fight for Canada, and together grew a greater sense of nationhood. The War of 1812 Monument is one of the numerous initiatives in which the Government of Canada is investing to increase Canadians’ awareness of this defining moment in our history.

As part of today’s dedication ceremony, soil samples from 10 key battlefield sites and water samples from 6 bodies of water representing the important naval conflicts of the War of 1812 were poured at the base of a commemorative tree planted on Parliament Hill adjacent to the future site of the War of 1812 Monument.

Collecting samples of soil from battlefield sites and water from the scenes of major naval conflicts for commemorative purposes is an ancient military and navy tradition. The first 6 of the 10 soil samples come from decisive battles for which Battle Honours have been awarded to Canadian Army regiments linked to the War of 1812: “QUEENSTON,” and “DETROIT,” in 1812; “MAUMEE,” “CHATEAUGUAY” and “CRYSLER’S FARM,” in 1813; and “NIAGARA” for the actions on the Niagara Peninsula in 1814.

Parks Canada led the collection of soil samples from each of the following battlefield sites:

Parks Canada also led the collection of water samples from the following bodies of water: