Cumberland Farms Launches SmartPay Check-Link Business(SM)

More than just automatic savings on gas, SmartPay Check-Link Business provides business owners with access to an online portal to monitor the daily activity of their fleet as well as monthly statements to help control, track and manage their company’s overall gas expenditures. Business owners have the ability to set different limits for different drivers and generate easy-to-read reports detailing the number of gallons purchased, the locations of purchase and their total savings with the program. Business owners can even track mileage using an optional odometer feature.

To ensure complete protection, every SmartPay Business account is individually PIN password protected and fleet members also have distinct PINs that the administrator oversees. To further enhance the security of SmartPay Business, Cumberland Farms has joined forces with the National Payment Card Association (NPCA). NPCA ensures secure, PIN-based debit transactions to your business’s bank account every time a driver swipes with their SmartPay Check-Link Business card or pays with their phone.

SOURCE Cumberland Farms