Sinfonia Healthcare Corp Launches Virginia Operations

Sinfona Family Services of Virginia, Inc. is establishing statewide operations based in Farmville, Virginia and will offer many of the services pioneered by McCusker and his team such as: home based and school based counseling, substance abuse treatment, medical services for the mentally ill, skilled nursing care, hospice and companion care.

The President of Sinfona Family Services of Virginia is Glenn Fowlkes. Glenn was with Family Preservation Services prior to Providence acquiring FPS in 1997.Glenn is known throughout Virginia as an outstanding clinician and program innovator.

“We are thrilled to have our old friend Glenn Fowlkes join us again in Virginia.This is actually the same route of expansion we enjoyed in our predecessor company: build a base in Tucson, then expand to the east coast via Virginia,” said Fletcher McCusker, Sinfona founder and CEO.

“Glenn’s first concern has always been his clients and his integrity and reputation will accelerate our entrance into east coast markets,” McCusker stated.

“To reconnect with Fletcher, Michael, Mindi, Jeff and Suzie, in order to help launch Virginia operations, is a dream come true for me,” said Glenn Fowlkes.”Together we built an extraordinary business and now with the new medical programs provided by Sinfona, I believe we will rapidly become the provider of choice in my region,” he added.

Sinfona Family Services will also offer The Seven Challenges substance abuse program pioneered by renowned psychologist Robert Schwebel, now a member of Sinfonia’s board of directors.Seven Challenges is offered in 350 locations and the preferred substance abuse treatment program for adolescents nationwide.