Earth Sentinels is a daring novel showcasing “the spiritual side of indigenous people.”

Earth Sentinels references many of the historical ordeals faced by indigenous peoples in North America, such as their plight of genocide, forced removal from their lands, and strategic killing of their food source, the buffalo. The novel also mentions the assimilation efforts by the United States and Canada, Native American children were forced into boarding schools, run by religious groups who taught them Christianity instead of their tribes’ spiritual customs, and banned from speaking their own language or dressing in native clothing in an effort to assimilate them.

Earth Sentinels offers “a classic model of wisdom for living harmoniously on earth,” according to Mark Champion of, “On occasion, we all read a book that we know will mark the time of our age. Earth Sentinels’ message is every bit as telling and accurate as Animal Farm and Fahrenheit 451. It is a succulent portion of cold, hard truth played out with characters you share affinity with, understand and love.”

Lonny Hall, tribe member of Kon Kow Valley Band of Maidu, said, “Earth Sentinels is gripping, takes the reader hostage, and educates on the cultural similarities and differences of spiritual leaders from all over the world. This is definitely a recommended read.”

The author, Shaman Elizabeth Herrera, was raised in a Christian home, but lost her faith in her early twenties. For over a decade, she searched for something to fill the void, eventually discovering Native American spirituality. Through this spiritual practice, she unexpectedly became a catalyst for healing and miracles. These events led her back to a belief in a higher power.

Elizabeth’s great-grandfather, Manuel Carinas Herrera, was a full-blooded Apache who raised her father. She is fortunate to have memories of him. Manual smuggled sugar and flour from Mexico into Texas, exchanged gunfire with Texas Rangers and crossed paths with Pancho Villa.

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Author Shaman Elizabeth Herrera, is a shamanic healer, poet, activist and author who writes life-changing books. Her stories encourage people to stretch outside their comfort zones and reexamine their own beliefs.

She is also the author of Shaman Stone Soup, and Dreams of Dying.

Earth Sentinels: The Storm Creators, visionary fiction, 270 pages ISBN-13: 978-0692225318

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