Titan International Announces Second Quarter 2014 Results

Mr. Taylor adds, “Innovation is critical in a downward market cycle and Titan has leveraged its entrepreneurship to grow the business. Titan’s new LSW tires and wheels are now being offered as an option for tractors, sprayers and combines by major OEM’s. Titan has established test sites at 180 farms for LSW tires and wheels, which I believe the time and investment will be repaid in the near future. We expect this business to gain traction and expand into all our regions in the next 3 to 4 years. You can visit Titan’s website, lswadvantage.com, to see the testimonials of end users who have experience with this new product. The expanded Grizz Squad marketing team will also begin calling on larger construction contractors in addition to farmers.”


“The oil sands are having a positive impact in the mining sector. This past month Titan announced the signing of a 10 year agreement with Suncor on the new process of TVR (Thermo Vacuum Reactor) which will recycle used OTR tires into 500 gallons of bio oil, carbon black and steel. Titan will continue to expand its Titan Mining Service business in efforts to grow our tire, wheel and track business.

“The farm outlook today is weak from many viewpoints, however, we believe this is a short term pause in the cycle. The large equipment purchases in the farming sector have declined double digits and tire prices have fallen due to lower raw material costs that we are required to pass on contractually to OEMs which negatively impacts our financial performance. Inventory at dealerships remains high but is trending lower each month.

“We have a lot to look forward to in the future amidst challenging conditions in our markets. Our passion for this business will continue to drive positive change.”

Excluding the impairment and inventory writedown mentioned above, gross profit for the second quarter would have been 11.0 percent and 10.5 percent year to date, respectively.

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SOURCE Titan International, Inc.