Launch of New Local Product Helping South Charlotte”s Realtors and Local Businesses Grow

Today, a local realtor marketing company dedicated to local business development launched its new primary product. In celebration of the release, the company is offering 65% off the package reservation fee for brokers who claim their territory before August 25th. Only one broker is accepted per territory.

There are over one million agents in the US alone. With high competition, agents need to bring value and stand out to prospective clients.

The newly released Ultimate Keeper Card does just that. This product is a farming marketing program for local South Charlotte real estate agents.

Designed by an expert designer, the giant custom postcard mailer is nearly a foot wide, and nine inches tall, capturing the homeowner’s attention at first glance.

One side of the postcard displays the agent’s custom marketing message, while the other is packed with desirable special offers from local eateries- enticing the neighborhood residents to visit the best local businesses in town.

“We are excited to present this opportunity to South Charlotte brokers to not only increase their visibility and build ties with prominent local businesses,” explains Suzanne Moore, Coordinator for The Ultimate Keeper Card, “But also give value to the residents they service.”

Data has shown adults with household income of $100k are 2x as likely to use coupons as those with household income of 35k. So Real Estate Agents can rest easy- this is a welcome piece of mail.

About The Ultimate Keeper Card Company: This newly founded marketing company is based in South Charlotte NC. The Ultimate Keeper Card works to build the relationship between realtors, communities, and local businesses. Using farming marketing techniques, custom created 9×12 postcards are sent to selected neighborhoods from local real estate agents. The postcards include the most popular local restaurants offering exclusive offers on the front, and the realtor’s custom marketing message on the back.