Eco-Friendly Cutting Boards Released By BrightSpring

July 25, 2014 – Cambridge, Cambridgeshire — When designers get together to come up with ideas for a new product they must consider many elements. Does it fulfil the consumer’s need? Is it aesthetically pleasing? Are the materials easily sourced? And, ever more importantly, do the boards have ‘green’ credentials?

The boards look great with their rounded corners and curved edges. They fulfil the required purpose with a strong surface that is kind to knives and have soft color-coded handles that aid grip and help to avoid cross-contamination of food.

But it is the eco-friendly nature of the product that most pleases BrightSpring. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet and can mature up to ten times faster than hard woods, such as maple. It is also extremely tolerable to its environment which helps it to thrive in many environments. These factors make bamboo a highly sustainable resource, especially in comparison to woods affected by deforestation.

The BrightSpring Bamboo Cutting Board Set is available exclusively on Amazon in the United States. For a limited time only Amazon shoppers can take advantage of a special introductory 40% off offer.

BrightSpring is a brand of kitchenware and bakeware bringing professional quality products to the home cook.