Locally Prominent Cannabis Tour Operator Adds New Itinerary to Private Luxury Tour Lineup

Colorado Highlife Tours, one of Colorado’s premiere marijuana touring company comes up with a Pike’s Peak Area Tour package for interested fans at affordable prices in a competitive industry

Colorado Springs, CO-22 July 2014. Colorado Highlife Tours starts to offer a new addition -the Pike’s Peak Area Tour- to their luxury cannabis private tour lineup. This exclusive tour has picked up fast and molds into their now #1 seller. Among list of places covered in the itinerary, it include visits in Manitou Springs and Cliff dwellings, Garden of the Gods Park, RMJ stores in Pueblo, Higher Elevations Masterpiece Production glass shop and the Pikes Peak for some photo opportunities, among many others.

Private Tours

Aside from Pike’s Peak, Colorado Highlife Tours also covers tours within Denver area and offers a customized itinerary according to available spots a client wants covered.

Timothy Vee, company representative, says: “What’s different in our tours is that we give our customers exclusive access to private cannabis clubs where they can enjoy mingling with like-minded individuals in an entertaining and cool place.”

Tim also shares that aside from the exclusive perks and customization features, their customer service has been beyond expectations.

It is customary for their team to always accompany guests wherever they go as long as it’s covered by the tour. Their limousine fleet is legally allowed to let passengers smoke and enjoy marijuana while on the go and their tour guides are knowledgeable in every facet of the cannabis industry, keeping guests informed while hopping from one spot to another.

To top it all, Tim announces: “We won’t take any single tour for granted and we take pride in acquainting our staff with the latest news and legal updates regarding the cannabis industry in our state, so if you have any questions about it, you’ll never get a dull response from anyone of us.”

At the end of every trip and on the final leg, would-be-goers will have a chance to taste local weed products straight from the farm where it was sourced. They’d also have a shot at talking with the local growers whose know-how exceed laws and include cultivation.

Their open booking tours are also available at a more affordable price of $110 to $120 per person for Denver and Pike’s Peak Area ,while Private Tours in the highlands near Pike’s Peak, cross-country or cityscape of Denver will start around $600 per tour. Rates may differ upon customization.

Customer Service Gold

Aside from the tours, Colorado Highlife Tours is a strong advocate of marijuana tourism as part of increasing awareness for people who wish to live at, stay at, or visit the state of Colorado.

Their staff is willing to give sound advice on which accommodations are marijuana-friendly, give updates on cannabis events that may be transpiring on the nearest dates and locations, plus a list of some of Colorado’s best retail marijuana stores.

The site also maintains a blog about best practices, informative posts and other relevant stuff to keep their viewers abreast.

About Colorado Highlife Tours

Since opening in 2013, the company catered to thousands of national and international clients wishing to fully take part in the marijuana-infused culture of the state of Colorado. As part of their advocacy through cannabis tourism, they also offer 420 friendly transportation, advice and scenery tours from sun up to sun down.